Protect democracy, civil rights and liberty

2015-01-18 00:00:00 +0000

Dear Mr Cameron,

Unifying my web presence

2015-01-12 00:00:00 +0000

sigh, this started out so well. I organized everything into "logical" sites... Turns out it's a major pain to maintain! So from today, I'll be bring all my blogs/sites/whatever, under one roof/domain!

HyperLogLog++: Google's Take On Engineering HLL

2014-10-24 07:35:46 +0100

Breaking the silence: Politics, Dictorships and ignorance VS the Web

2014-03-23 23:02:36 +0000

I try to avoid talking about politics. I think most politicians represent the worst of the general populous.

Android debugging over bluetooth (without root)

2013-07-19 11:53:17 +0100

So I'm on a train to Reading and wanted to continue working on an app I've been hacking at but my USB cable is annoyingly inconvenient and Ubuntu keeps throwing a fit because I haven't been able to configure it to properly handle MTP enabled devices.   To get debugging going here's what I've just done.<!-- more -->

My PhD's a go! - Graph database with the distributed nature of Cassandra and the Graph properties of Neo4J

2013-06-28 23:40:04 +0100

I've been thinking about this for a while now and I've made a solid decision finally. At some point later this year I'll be starting a PhD (Probably October).

Institutionally racist - London MET, UK Politicians, you're pissing off someone in tech, a programmer, hacker and I'm gonna piss you back off!

2013-06-27 08:10:51 +0100

WARNING: I am going to rant. I am going to swear. This is very off topic to my usual posts, if you're going to be offended by me swearing or slagging off the London MET or UK Government, STOP reading now because I will not apologise for it and chances are if you nag me about being explicit I'll tell you to bugger off. And that's me putting it politely...

Finding that blogging balance!

2013-06-24 17:29:52 +0100

I work hard. Least that's what I get told :P - I've found it hard to find the time to blog as I much as I'd like to but after a recent conversation I had an epiphany. While I'm working on Fillta I've decided to do some contract jobs, "student internships" and whatever else I can to survive while I do it. After a recent interview I got a really nice compliment from the guy and it got me thinking. He basically said I'm way more knowledgeable than he expected, my age and being a recent graduate (Technically not true, graduation is in July) completely hides my experience and knowledge from an outset. He said he'd checked out my blog from my CV and it didn't reflect it either...

Configuring Ubuntu for VirtualBox to detect USB devices

2013-06-02 14:11:46 +0100

I've been developing Android Apps are more often recently but I've found the Linux support for some android tools less than appealing. In particular, I've been using MOSYNC and they don't provide a Linux installer, you have to compile it from source. That's all well and good until something goes wrong then you spend forever trying to re-compile and fix build issues, time I'd rather spend doing something else.

AngularJS: If you don't have a dot, you're doing it wrong!

2013-05-31 22:30:33 +0100

This has bitten me twice in the last 3 days so I'm doing a quick post to remind myself.