Cassandra Query Language (CQL) v1.0.0 (UPDATED)

2011-06-13 20:44:20 +0100

Finally back...

2011-06-07 16:26:56 +0100

I've been out for over a month. Exams all through May, birthday June 4th and a decent holiday break in a few days...

Implementing the Bubble sort algorithm in J2ME

2011-04-28 21:58:04 +0100

A friend asked me two days ago how to implement a sort algorithm on J2ME... Never used the J2ME API but I thought, hey, can't be that bad right. I must say, after seeing the primitive nature of J2ME I don't think I would or even could do mobile dev. with that API. It'd drive me insane. In any case, I figured out a quick way of sorting an array of names in alphabetical order...<!-- more -->

Cassandra London Meet up and my introduction to CQL talk

2011-04-19 12:42:43 +0100

I was given the opportunity to do a talk on the up coming CQL feature in Cassandra at the recent meet up. While it wasn't highly comprehensive I thought it went well, it was a very gentle intro to CQL which basically goes over the V1.0.0 syntax and usage... I post the full CQL V1 specification previously.

Hypnotic photo

2011-04-15 10:59:26 +0100

I was looking a Lorenzo's slides (slide 50)  and found a very interesting and hypnotic photo. I stole it from his slides and made it into my desktop wall paper, I really like the effects this image has on the eyes... Making a flat 2D image seem so 3D without all the fancy this and that. So without further ado:

Apache Cassandra + PHPcassa + Code Igniter = large scale PHP app in 5 minutes

2011-04-07 13:59:41 +0100

I'm working on a new project, migrating an existing site using custom code with a very monolithic design on top of MySQL.

Cassandra Query Language AKA CQL syntax

2011-03-29 12:12:53 +0100

Migrating from self-hosted to hosted wordpress

2011-03-28 16:30:40 +0100

Been a while since I posted an entry, I thought I'd do one today after my little migration.

My NoSQL presentation to my lecturers!

2011-03-07 08:55:34 +0000

It's been a mission in the making but this Thursday I finally get to do my NoSQL presentation to some of my lecturers, and I can't wait!!!

Frustrating times...

2011-03-06 02:40:02 +0000

For a blog I haven't ranted much have I? Had the most ridiculous weeks ever... A tonne, tonne of work