Getting started with PHPUnit unit testing

The follow up to my previous post. The below is the php unit test class for the string class example I wrote.

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Creating a String class to represent and manipulate strings in PHP

In getting started with PHPUnit, I didn’t have any code I felt like writing unit tests for. Mainly because I wanted to start with something very simple. I started writing some code, one thing lead to another and I ended with a simple class to represent a string. It only has a few methods but it was more than enough to provide me with quite a few test cases. The unit test for the class in another post I’m going to do soon. (PHP Unit tests for string class is here)

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Installing Xampp and adding/updating PHPUnit and PHPDocumenter and configuring Netbeans 7 to use them on Windows

That title is quite a mouthful isn’t it? I usually do development on Ubuntu and only ever develop Windows specific programs on Windows using .NET but I’ve found the need to setup an environment to do some PHP/MySQL dev on windows (7). I’m running Windows 7 but the steps should work fine for XP and Vista too.

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