Cassandra Cheat Sheets

I’ll be getting some free time over the next few weeks and I intend to put together a series of Cassandra Cheat Sheets. I’ve been wanting to for a while but haven’t gotten round to it, so the following list are the individual sheets which target specific things relating to Cassandra.

  1. Cassandra Terminology
  2. Cassandra Query Language
  3. Cassandra Thrift API
  4. Cassandra Internals

I’ll add more as I get time in pdf,html and doc format… The first cheat sheet is already being written.

Introduction to NOSQl and Apache Cassandra.

A while back (April 2011) I wrote an article that I wanted to publish on Sitepoint but I guess they didn’t like it because I haven’t had a reply back. I was just randomly cleaning up my mail and found it in my sent messages folder.

I’ve published it on Script and Scroll,under Introduction to NoSQL, while it was written months ago it is still perfectly relevant and could serve as a good starting point for a beginner interested in getting started with Cassandra and the whole NoSQL idea.

I’ll be interested in getting any feedback on it so, have a quick read and mail me your thoughts on it :-).

Apache Cassandra + PHPcassa + Code Igniter = large scale PHP app in 5 minutes

I’m working on a new project, migrating an existing site using custom code with a very monolithic design on top of MySQL.

Design goals : Implement all the same functionality using a manageable framework with a small footprint on a distributed NoSQL database.
Small footprint? I’m thinking Code Igniter (CI)… Distributed NoSQL (my favorite part)? I’m thinking Apache Cassandra!!!
First problem…issue, whatever you want to call it. CI is built with SQL DB tied in fairly tightly. How do I separate the two without hacking the CI core and allow me to have the flexibility of upgrading CI in the future? And at the same time being able to integrate Cassandra tightly enough to not make it stand out like a penguin in Africa  sore thumb?

Enough with the questions, I’m very new to CI so this took me about an hour to make it happen. The idea is, CI provides a $this->db object when “database” is one of the auto loaded options. I want to still have this db instance available but providing  methods to access Cassandra. I also want this to be auto loaded and available in all controllers… So how? Read more of this post


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