Finding that blogging balance!

I work hard. Least that’s what I get told :P – I’ve found it hard to find the time to blog as I much as I’d like to but after a recent conversation I had an epiphany. While I’m working on Fillta I’ve decided to do some contract jobs, “student internships” and whatever else I can to survive while I do it. After a recent interview I got a really nice compliment from the guy and it got me thinking. He basically said I’m way more knowledgeable than he expected, my age and being a recent graduate (Technically not true, graduation is in July) completely hides my experience and knowledge from an outset. He said he’d checked out my blog from my CV and it didn’t reflect it either…

So starting next week (finishing up 2 projects now) I’ll be writing a blog post at least 3 per week with the intention that as I get back into it I’ll increase the amount. Read more of this post

Learning Scala : My first attempt at a command line progress bar

While on my path to learning Scala, or rather improving my very lacking Scala knowledge I’ve written a progress bar for the command line…
I’m pretty sure it is far more verbose than it needs to be, but until I know how to code less and do more, this is it:
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