I have a 1st class BEng Software Engineering degree from the University of Greenwich. My CV is available here but I'm not actively looking for a full time position at the minute. And please, no agencies.

I am currently the core developer behind Fillta and one of its Co-Founders. Exciting stuff happening! The team's taken the plunge and decided to slug it over the next year. We'll be releasing a beta for Dec 13/Jan 14 (depending on summer progress).

Previously did a placement year with Datasift (Awesome place to work, they're growing and hiring so if you're looking give em a shout...)

I've been doing and continue to do several bits and pieces ( of projects?) for a few years now. My latest pride and joy is Higgs, which is a by-product of Fillta.

Some I earn a bit of pocket change from, others I just do because it was an idea I came up with and thought it was cool. Few of my projects ever leave my local machine but I have thousands of lines of code from crawlers,parsers, to fully working services that power search engines... then I have random ones like a web based IDE....

All those things done in different languages, Java,C++,C,Javascript,PHP,C#,HTML(5), who knows I think I have some assembly stuff somewhere too.

I'm interested in high performance and/or distributed systems, NoSQL, Artificial Intelligence, Search engines/Information Retrieval and HCI. I've worked Apache Cassandra since 2008, not long after Facebook open sourced it. It's currently the main data store behind Fillta. Along with that I've done a fair amount of work with Hadoop/MapReduce, some with HBase (but I'm not a big fan).

I've recently worked with Netty a massive amount, Higgs.IO is implemented on top of the new V4 API.  I'm currently helping Norman with the upcoming Netty in Action book that'll be available later this year from Manning.

I love watching and playing cricket and was the school captain for about two years. Opening bowler in College at one point too...

In my spare time, I do freelance work, work on my projects or start new projects from my never ending list of ideas I keep in my little black book, play video games, or play with some technology.

I was born in Jamaica, grew up pretty much around the world. Lived in other Caribbean islands and countries in the EU such as Antigua (Caribbean), Germany and UK where I now live.

I am currently in the process of writing my first book(might take a while, loads of more exciting things going on), with any luck I will be able to base my final year project on some of its contents as well as scalable architectures.

That in a nutshell is who I am :-)