I work hard. Least that's what I get told :P - I've found it hard to find the time to blog as I much as I'd like to but after a recent conversation I had an epiphany. While I'm working on Fillta I've decided to do some contract jobs, "student internships" and whatever else I can to survive while I do it. After a recent interview I got a really nice compliment from the guy and it got me thinking. He basically said I'm way more knowledgeable than he expected, my age and being a recent graduate (Technically not true, graduation is in July) completely hides my experience and knowledge from an outset. He said he'd checked out my blog from my CV and it didn't reflect it either...

So starting next week (finishing up 2 projects now) I'll be writing a blog post at least 3 per week with the intention that as I get back into it I'll increase the amount.<!-- more -->

The most difficult thing I'll have to do right now is find a way to balance Personal life, Fillta, my open source contributions and all the other projects I have on. I currently clock 18hrs a day on average with 2 and 3 day bursts not being unusual!

I'm up for suggestions on topics. This blog still gets around 200 people a day from my old posts so if you're a "regular" reader you can comment with suggestions.

These are things I have in mind, in no particular order (just as they come to mind):

  1. Apache Cassandra - (Especially data modelling, people seem to have more trouble with that)

  2. Hadoop / MapReduce

  3. Netty

  4. Higgs.IO (hehe)

  5. Bloom Filters (Did my final year project on it)

  6. Java

  7. Scala

  8. Haskell (Still learning so overly keen on this one)

  9. JavaScript

  10. AngularJS

  11. HTML5/CSS3

  12. C# (Not overly keen, don't have any Windows devices anymore but Windows 7 is in a VM with visual studio)

  13. Android (Used MoSync, Appcelerator, Native API, wouldn't mind PhoneGap just to learn it)

  14. BackboneJS (Prefer AngularJS by far but I get on with virtually anything if I have to)

  15. PHP

  16. Ruby - Although I've only done a little with rails

  17. Python

  18. NodeJS

  19. NLTK

  20. C++ (If I must with either Boost or QT)

  21. MySQL

  22. 3D Computer Graphics (Did an OpenGL module recently, was interesting)

  23. ZeroMQ

Actually, having written those topics I've got quite a few things there, should give me topics for a few months or so but still welcome suggestions.  The plan is to do some tutorial style posts. Looking at the stats my previous tutorials pull in the most visitors.