For a blog I haven't ranted much have I? Had the most ridiculous weeks ever... A tonne, tonne of work

Three group projects, an individual coursework an interview...

Its usually all well and good until everything goes wrong at once... One group project, we have to find the shortest/fastest route between locations on a map. I'm responsible for implementing the algorithm being used, Dijkstra's of course... All is well until you get to an intersection on a specified line and that line ends without you reaching the end destination, my algorithm successfully back tracks to the intersection removing all the nodes it added on the way but then it all goes wrong, still don't know why yet but unvisited nodes pop up in the route, I suspect its my back tracking gone wrong but... still in debug mode (last two days!!!)

We have the most bizarre coursework for systems building...wait for it, no no, wait... build a software to control robots which will automate the shearing of sheep!!! What a nuisance that is, the group decided to use my UML design to implement it, nothing wrong with that! Lame coursework scenario... Done my implementation and even animated the the sheep moving around the system, waste of precious time. I think we should have more interesting courseworks, seriously!

The third and fourth projects, well... we'll see. To top it off, I had to submit a piece of work sample as part as an interview the other day... I sent it in on time but little did I know, the University blocks sending of executable files, even if they're archived!!!! What a ridiculous and simply stupid policy when you have students building software! I wouldn't be impressed if I was the interviewer so I'm now just hoping my interviewers aren't like me...

Yes yes, still going on! Vodafone is the worse network to be with, trust me. They replaced my phone after it went bonkers within 7 days of getting it... Three months later the new phone has the same problem, sent it off to their "repair center" and apparently my phone is working just fine...Picked it up today and within 2hrs the problem was back...To top it off, for the last 4 months they've been producing incorrect bills. I got a bill for £120, for a phone which I've only used 200 of the 1000 minutes. Now I'm being forced to bring a bank statement to them to show a previous payment they took which just up and disappeared.... The good old days huh.

That's not even the half of it but, I think I've done my first and last rant for the next year or so....that's a load off!