Since starting my undergraduate course it has become increasingly apparent that some courses offered by various Universities are a rip off and complete waste of time.

I've had the displeasure of meeting some students from varying courses and Unis. Some of these students are put on 3 or 4 month modules to learn simple things such as PhotoShop and at the end of their module I know more about what they studied by spending 3 hrs reading a book (PhotoShop for dummies)or tutorials followed by a day or so of practice.

The bad news is, the aforementioned is the good news in this situation. It's good news because it means less people are in this competition for jobs.

The bad news is a list of things. Firstly, for students who work hard and want to learn more we have to pay the same tuition fee but we also have to teach ourselves anything beyond the basics. It means that we may end up in a team with these people later when we start working. Who do you think is going to be the knowledge base?

Don't get me wrong, I love helping others but I hate having to help people who had the same opportunity as you did but wasted theirs. Either drinking,taking drugs, being lazy or all of the above.

Continuing with the bad points you can't be the best you could be as an individual or a team when you or the rest of your team spend a tonne of your time teaching a lazy person what they should have learnt during their programme at University.

Sometimes people genuinely don't understand something and struggle with it whether they were thought it or not, fair enough because I know struggle with things and how hard it can be sometimes to grasp something no matter how many times its explained. In cases like that you can usually tell that the person you're trying to help is making the effort. It also brings a big level of satisfaction if you're able to help that person understand, but I mustn't digress.

The point is, life's messed up. Seemingly you're career path may be determined by mere luck even if you work hard, do your best and get better grades than some of the competition.